Linda Macario is a famous Italian artist. She was born in Florence, Italy in 1978.

From her early childhood it was clear that she had a great passion for art. Linda studied arts at High School in Florence and worked during some years as graphic designer. She loved dolls so much and in 1999 she learnt about the world of baby dolls created from polymer clay.

Since 2009 she devoted her art to ball jointed dolls. Linda took part in shows which were held in Italy, Russia and the USA.
She worked with different materials such as polymer clays, air dry clays, silicone, resin and others trying to search the best way to transform ideas in her beautiful dolls.

Linda gives all her love and passion to her creations which she creates with special attention to details. At the same time she always look for the best results.

Since 2011 Linda’s dolls are reproduced in resin and are being sold in exclusive for JPOPdolls.

She also creates one of a kind dolls of air dry clay which are available in shops and galleries all over the world.